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Place de la Renaissance  Bois Colombes, Paris    15 May 2010     01:06 AM     Saturday

It happens. And that too automatically. Quite a lot of times, you get that drive running with your adrenaline rush when you are stuck deep in an ineluctable shit. A stimulation to prove that you can get over it surely if not shortly, and that it is not the end of the world ! Somehow or other, you get to see that feeble light of hope at the end of the tunnel. You just need to wait, watch and then act. Smartly, cautiously and confidently !!!

Yeah, this nostalgic wave struck me today this evening while i was having some informal and cosy chat with one of my mates in his apartment. We both went too far in our discussions realising a few bitter aspects of our lives which we both had wished to govern, but just couldn't decently control in time. And we concluded the following:

A teacher teaches the lesson first and then takes the exam. Life takes the exam first and then teaches a lesson.... So, always keep learning !
Thinking about these troubles remind me of my early fresher college days, ten years back. Our college had been pretty consistent and active in all the possible ragging activities. Back then, going back to the hostel rooms from the college in the evenings wasn't an easy task for us. It used to be the longest and most dreadful walk in front of the "Laxmi Bhawan" (abode of all those reckless seniors) when we always preferred to stay in the bunch, each trying to hide behind the other, everyone consciously trying to dodge those big and brutish eagle-eyes eagerly waiting to feed their latest puckish desires to wreak havoc on us. But not all of us were getting used to this, and neither all of us were going to accept this.

A few dared to break this bunch and walked in to their eyes dauntlessly. They did what they were asked to do but with pride and joy, enjoying their orders and dictates rather than swearing them, leaving all their fear and anger behind. This is what i like about those people who dare not only to dream differently, but also to Act differently. Nobody could have changed the situation. But they did manage to change their environment.

An environment free from any fear, disgust and contempt. While rest of the guys chose to avoid or avert the inevitable, they decided to chase it themselves. And they were rewarded. They got the biggest contacts within the alumnus, got extraordinary exposure to the college's political and administrative environment in the very beginning, had their first hands over the most crucial and confidential leaks, and not to mention getting a permanent godfather for sponsoring their suttas, daru, parties and even boastful power. And most importantly, they had that coveted confidence and authority in abundance. And few leaders were straightway born !!!

Such is the power of responding proactively to the situations and opportunities around your life ! But such is amount of positive attitude, vitality and audacity in turn that you would require !!! Ha !!! Past, Memories, lessons, so much to think of !

Coming back to present, coming back to our evening discussions,  and coming back to him, I shall only say the following:

The moment has come, of killing the past and coming back to life...
Gaurav Gupta


Anonymous said...

that's indeed a nice read. but i guess the golden rule of "letting go of ur past and embracing the present" doesn't really apply to every situation. especially when u have loved or cared for someone in entirety..and u are unable to let go of the person.. that's where u just can't apply this rule.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed we can't let go our past.
The precious moments of the past are like the diamonds we want to treasure for future.
Life may not bring back those spcl moments, those spcl ppl back again in our lives.
But life is like an ocean. We dive in to find another pearl and add it to our treasure.

Anuradha Singh said...

A lovely post...i am completely agree with this. We alwayz learn from our past, especially when it is a bad experience, but still we should love life thinking that whatever it was, it is a past and just feel that life has just begun!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Totally buy your point that life's an ocean; but if u dive in & manage to find and lose a pearl not once BUT twice, chances are that you'll end up becoming hydrophobic.. and if u c that ur pearl shines like a diamond for everyone else & not u, chances are that you'll start finding solace in stones.. Life, love, etc.- they look rosy & ideal as long as they are on a piece of paper, or yes, on a blog. (Dost, i'm not a pessimist, neither am i trying to counter your point. Just wrote here out of my experience!) And just to complete your axiom: "Life takes the exam first & then teaches a lesson. So keep on learning & while u continue to learn, make sure u revisit ur past & correct ur mistakes, so that they don't affect ur & someone else's present/future" :)

Gaurav Gupta said...

Thanks Swati, thanks Anu for your lovely comments !
And thanks a lot to you (Anonymous) as well. Although, the comments w.r.t ocean and pearl were not mine, but i agree to both of you. The optimism suggests never to lose hope, whereas bitter experiences of life baffle us at the same time. BTW, can you please post your identity. i am afraid, i couldn't identify you :)

Anonymous said...

The whole point of posting as anonymous was, well, to stay anonymous :) I just stumbled upon your blog out of nowhere & commented on your post! I'm just a regular joe, who's got a li'l perplexed by a few irregularities of life lately, but is still hopeful that the best is yet to come.

Gaurav Gupta said...

Okkay :), No worries, i respect your privacy. Yeah, one of the best lines i have ever read in my life is "There is always Hope" by Aragorn in Lord of the Rings. And i just follow that blindly. ALl i can say is you are not the first or the last person on this planet to suffer from heartaches, everyone does, I did. But stay focused. Stay In !!!

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