I wish i was there...


Crawford Place, Newbury      11 Feb 2010      6:30 PM       Thursday

I sit in my living room, legs sprawled across the center table, Pringles and Pepsi within my arms' reach, Mac on my lap, soothing music touching my ears... having all the time in the world, with no more bumpy hassles, just relishing the joy of this beautiful evening ! Oh boy, I missed this, missed it big time !!!

Last three weeks have been pretty exciting. And exhilarating

A lot has happened in between. New home, new life style and a billion new complications... No broadband, no internet, no electronic communication. No furniture, no bed and no sleep ! Service launch at work under massive pressure, iPad introduction by Steve Jobs, endless political controversies in India, cousin's marriage, blah blah blah and Apple MacBook Pro. No, i din't buy one, but eventually i got one ! 

It's a beautiful thin machine which fits perfectly on your lap, doesn't weigh much and its sensational graphical experience just blows you away !!! I've had my luck working on Apple machines in the past as well - way back in 2004, when they used to run on Motorola PowerPC processors, and i still remember they'd always looked stunning, perfectly sparkling with their elegance and style !

Coming back to new home. With new home come new neighbours. And eventually, new rules for new society. But rules were broken and a severe reprimand was received in turn. This is it. This is what i don't like here. You just can't do what you are used to do. What you have been doing all your life. Listening to high music, dancing in home, loud chats and deafening laughter :) ! Ok i agree you've got to avoid that, but can't they just be a bit more tolerant, or they have to admonish their neighbours for the mistakes the very first day and that too in a very impudent way ! 

A lot is going to happen as well in the coming weeks which i shall discuss as and when it comes. February has always been very special and kind to me. It has got quite a lot of my personal attachment. And emotional connection. I reckon it is one of the most beautiful months of the year. Not only because the weather remains fantastic throughout, but also because I get a chance to celebrate lots of anniversaries in my family - marriage, birthdays. 

Every time I think about this month and the corresponding events, I experience a great sense of nostalgia. And deep gratitude for Almighty who has given me such a wonderful family. So lovely parents and an adorable sweet sister. And here I am living alone miles away from them only to realise that there is nothing more worth than being with them in person in these special moments. Your physical presence is just so much required. And desired. You've got to live these moments with them to make them feel even more special. To express your thanks and gratitude for their eternal love which has always been taken for granted. To make them smile. And to see that lovely smile on their faces which will spark an immediate stream of tears in your eyes. And then their eyes. To go near and hug her to say "I love you Mom...". 

Sometimes, I wonder what is more important in life - career or happiness !


Anonymous said...

bahut badiya likha hai... bus ye bata mac kahan se mila...lottery lagi kya... :).. nice writeup Komal

Anonymous said...

nice post :)
i was waiting for ur latest write-up since few days...btw..from where did u get the mac book?


Gaurav Gupta said...

thank you komal,thank you shruti ! it's very encouraging to know that you liked my post.

Well, about Mac,, umm... secret :) hahahaha.... u know me, i just manage to get what i desperately want !

Kapil Dev Arora said...

Good one. You are penning down your emotions so well. Happiness is important in life. And if it comes at a cost of separation of a few days, months or years. Its become even more sweeter. Sometimes we need be really thirsty to understand the value of water. Some times we need to experience the bad times to appreciate good times on the way.

OOPS!!! sorry for the psychology lecture. I really liked this post.

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