A Perfect Day !


Crawford Place, Newbury    27 Feb 2010     8:40 PM     Saturday  
I get up and start my day in the best possible way, speaking to the best possible person, with the best possible wishes,  on the best possible occasion. It's my mum's birthday. Little sister is with her doing the best what she can do to make her feel happy and light-hearted and feels proud in flaunting her own birthday presents that she got a few days back from her beloved brother on her 25th birthday. And the mother is mightily pleased. And delighted. Such a moment is just a sheer bliss ! An ecstasy, which I just can only conceive being here... 

The day progresses and the british weather continues to wobble conforming to its reputation. One moment sunny, the next one rainy and then again sunny. Mr. Nayar and I decide to go down to the kitchen to make some "pakoras" for ourselves and for our dear friends. Shalar and his wife, Swaliha join us in this feast and put up their own contributions. Shitiz, as always only messes around and does nothing ! I go out next door to Mitesh's house to borrow the tea sieve and coriander leaves needed for pakoras to complement the missing delight in our Saturday afternoon's exuberance.

The fun wasn't over. We switched on our television to see "Meet the Parents", a nice comedy flick, which seemed to have entertained Mr. Nayar much more than anyone else. He's no different than Mr. Sidhu who can laugh at virtually anything, and you eventually start laughing not necessarily over the stated joke, but over the boisterous and wild laughter erupting out of their throats... Just kidding! So, the day has been pretty fantastic - nice food, light movie and a great fellowship !

If you ask me the best moment of today, that connects to one of my best mates - Varun. He got officially engaged today, to a very sweet, pretty and lovely girl - Shaveta. I've known him for years now, and can literally read his mind, his thoughts and his emotions. I still remember the day when he first broke this news to me and i was just absolutely thrilled. It's such a great feeling which you struggle to communicate either in words or in expressions, and which you struggle even to contain either in your heart or in your mind. You just love the way it is !

Varun and I have talked about this subject and our aspirations so many times in the past - in school, in college, after college, sometimes online, many a times in person.  We have been in different situations over these past few years and all i can say to him now is - Bro, I am proud of you... and literally dying to meet you ! You've got all my best wishes and love and i really hope you have a great time ahead !

Between, A very Happy Holi to all of you ! Let's see what colors this Holi brings into our lives...

Gaurav Gupta


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