29-12-09 – Not a historic day by any means that i m aware of, but whatever was the reason that motivated me to start up my blog today will make this day historic for me… :) I don’t even remember now since how long i’ve desired to pen down my thoughts on web via a blog, but nevertheless, the journey begins Today – 2 days to 2010. You could’ve argued y dint I wait for another couple of days to start this new journey in the new year, but then… I’ve already fallen victim to this thought numerous times in the past… and i just don’t want to lose the momentum that was so much desired!!!

Now, the bigger challenge would be to preserve this enthusiasm for some good time next year… yeah yeah, i know my inner self is raising some serious doubts over this due to my track record and incessant wobbling focus, but i promise to improve!! improve big time now… Anyways, i shall leave it here today! A lot more to discuss in the coming posts….

Gaurav Gupta


Shalini Grover said...

Welcome aboard, Gaurav. Blogging is a great way to share ur views and knowledge.

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