I look back...

The day started with a heavy head and a perplexed mind, reasons yet unknown but i guess early morning obscure dreams did the damage... the only part i remember was horrible and awful - was stabbing people with sword,, a very long blade similar to the one used by Aragorn, yeah i agree i love The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but boy, to this extent? :) That wasn't funny,, was it?

The weather wasn't the best today as it has been for quite a while now, i mean who likes a blowy drizzling weather in a chilly dark morning when you have to walk down to a bus stop without an umbrella? Oh yeah, i have got an umbrella, but i've never managed to put that in my backpack which i always regret once i step out of the front door and probably always will!

So, one more day and we'll set our feet on the unknown but promising roads of 2010, a year which always has fascinated me due to unknown reasons :), a year which looked so far just a few months back, a year which i no longer want to live just like any other previous year... If i look back now, 2004 was the year that i cherish the most till today, but then, you never appreciate your present unless you see it in the history books... do you? Gotta work on that! Nevertheless, I've had my share of happiness in 2009 - the much anticipated family and friend's UK visit, a few successful resolutions, Diwali celebrations at home and friends marriages, although couldn't attend any unfortunately. What really was missing is hard to sketch out as a single entity, but surely i missed the fun of hanging out with my dear family and friends, chatting incessantly with my closest frens for hours, playing hoax with the colleagues during parties and so on... and so shall i continue to miss these as my journey to 2010 begins, in this alien land in another couple of days...


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