I'll miss you 2009!


I'll start by congratulating my uncle - Mama jee for his retirement from Board of School Education, Haryana today.  It's a special day for him and for all of us who are extremely proud of his wonderful professional career, where he managed to add only new fans, friends and admirers rather than any unnecessary controversial spice in his peaceful life. I wonder what he was thinking right before going to bed the night before, what he was feeling the moment he was asked to step up to the podium to deliver his farewell speech, the pace of his heart beat when he saw the biggest tears in the eyes of his favorite student,, oh boy, i just completely WONDER!!!

I don't know the official reason to have these retirement celebrations on the last day of the year, but it does make sense to me because psychologically you realize you've got to make a brand new beginning the immediate next day! It's too hard to even think of sitting idle the whole day, when you have the greatest experience but still no work, when you have enough money, but still no ideas, when you have such a big family, but still no friends!!! gee, let's not think too much about it! It's a new year eve and i shall abstain myself from any somber thoughts, but i'll get back to it some day, after all for how long can you avoid these bitter truths of life - you got to be either black or white!

Between, it's already 2010 in India, and i got my first new year wish from my sister followed by some lovely friends.... Have yet to make my first call though, will start in another couple of minutes... Celebrations include a nice North Indian dinner, a movie (Sherlock Holmes)- my 4th this  month (Paranormal Activity, Avatar and 3 Idiots), so you can see the hit ratio has been pretty good so far and i hope the sequence doesn't break today... and finally midnight firework celebrations in Newbury Racecourse Center.

Anyways, let me bid final good bye to 2009 blogging :) and welcome the coming year ahead with lots of new ideas, lots of new posts and lots of new friends! A very Happy New Year to all of you! God Bless~~~



Chanchal Kumar said...

Hello Brooo...

Your Blog is really too good..specially your writing.You right so good, that really touch our hearts..

Keep writing...we will be waiting for your other Posts..

why not you start writing stories...

Follow Chetan Bhagt's Blog...thats really inspiring...I hope that will inspire you too..


Gaurav Gupta said...

thanks a lot bro! :) hehehe, stories mere bas ki nahi... woh aap hi kar sakte ho ,,,haan chetan bhagat ka link share karo...

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