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January 1 / 2, 2010                   2:07 AM

““Where should one use perfume?” a young woman asked.
“Wherever one wants to be kissed,” I said.

- Coco Chanel.

That's the sort of humor you want in your life, in your thoughts and you are sorted for ever! Later today, i had the opportunity to explore an extraordinary fun and humor in my friend's house where we laughed until our stomachs started hurting. The star performers were Praveen and Amit (Betalal as we fondly call him) who stunned the audience with their superb punch lines and their extraordinary amusing mischievous stories of their bachelorhood. This was followed by card games and dumb charades. While our team was horrible in judging the movies, thanks to some superb performances by our team members, the opposition team was equally proficient in cheating and making fake movies. The icing on the cake was the acting performance of Mr. Jain in dumb charades who ran like a kid 10 times in the exact same way to suggest a TRAIN and eventually we lost the game by expecting it to RUN, DAUD and blah blah... :) The dinner was fabulous with 3 different North Indian dishes, Pulaav, Raita with the favorite Kheer as the main dessert. You don't expect a better start than this for a new year, do you?

Earlier today, I spoke to quite many friends and relatives and such endearing and lovely was the feeling that i couldn't even realize that i need to have my breakfast when the clock had already struck half past two. This suddenly makes me realize that i need to rush to bed now since it's already ten past three! But the joy of penning down my thoughts seems to have overpowered my sleep for the past few days and so shall i continue to experience this new journey of delight and rejoice.

There are a few things that I've observed about myself lately and i shall nail down the specifics of those quickly to assess them more deeply. I've realized that i've got some serious work to do in the coming months which surely will help me to reach where I've always wanted to be! I was reading a post today from one of my closest friends' blog and quickly realized the difference between the way we approach our lives. This is what i find so fascinating and so inspiring, few words straight from someone's heart reveal so much about them that might have taken ages to get out to people otherwise! I personally feel that people don't take speech as seriously as they do text. You might disagree, but then everyone has his own judgments and his own premises. 

I hate snoring, the guy immediate next to my room is a big snorer and unfortunately i really can't help much about it! He's a nice guy otherwise :) Between, i m still getting those obscure dreams, no more killings now by the way, but still some strange fantasies of living a college life with my current managers as my new teachers! :) I knew i was weird, and now i am getting more and more convinced every passing day! But when i got to know my other friends share the same problem, i don't feel alone anymore. Check this out - A friend of mine dressed in a red sari greeted me on my grand wedding in New Delhi yesterday with myself being a 200W light bulb of happiness, only to realize a few moments later that she's sleeping in United States!!! We all are crazy and before i get completely nuts, i shall sign off for today! Cya!


Varun Goyal said...

You are mastering the art of writing......lil humour is always an iing on a cake.....it was delight to read your blog today.....good to see your expressions in blog now......prev used to read through our personalized mails....now we have advanced and so have our routines.......all in all its bst way to keep updated about each other

Gaurav Gupta said...

Thanks mate :)

Namita said...

hmm...really the art of writing is good in this as compared to previous one.. :)

Keep Writing! Keep Sharing!! and Keep DREAMING!! :)

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