Time to wake up !

Sandown Way, Newbury    Jan 13, 2010    9:30 PM     Wednesday

It's almost a week now since i wrote something... and i realize now how easy is to get entrapped. Entrapped in to this ugly world of sloth, where most of the times we just brush off our allegiances, only to realize sometime later that you are actually far behind than your peers, your friends, the world, and most importantly your dreams !!!

I shall get active now and make best use of the preserved energy to deliver. To my own commitments and to heavily accrued action items. I don't know why this happens so often to me. I get up one fine day and some thing or the other makes me abruptly impatient enough to analyse and then realize "What the hell have i been doing from the past six months? I don't even recall if i have learned even a single new thing". As the process continues, I interrogate myself a bit more. More questions. More answers. In all probability, even multiple answers. A hell lot of justifications and explanations endeavor to drown me into the sea of complacence. And do i swim? Definitely not. I succumb.

 ““Ambition is a poor excuse for not having sense enough to be lazy.””

Anyways, whatever you choose, you swim or drown, time just flies. And it flies even faster when you are having fun. You enjoy every moment of it, but you still can't hold it. 

The week has been busy mostly in preparing a demo for the client. A platform to show off all your hard work. To demonstrate your enthusiasm for your product. To showcase your commitment for your words. Having done all the hard work now, i sit back and listen to my current favorite songs, or shall i say "a song" on youtube. My roommates are absolutely sick of my habit of listening to one song over and over again a zillion times a day. But I enjoy it ! Oh yeah, i seriously enjoy it. Unless the entire song has been embedded in my music loving spirit, which normally take 3-4 days, and 40-50 repeats, i don't quit... but eventually, my roommates DO. Okkay, so which is the current one? it's a nice song "Sureeli Ankhiyoon wale" from Veer :) I reckon Rahat Fatah Ali Khan did a fantastic job ! Your views?

Gaurav Gupta


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