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Sandown Way, Newbury      January 3, 2010          6:30 PM        Sunday

Don't worry about the people in your past. There IS a reason they didn't make it to your future...

I came across this beautiful quote today while browsing through my Google Reader. I have to admit i was moved. And touched. Moved because even it is so simple, it's complex enough for us to acknowledge. Touched because it's highly obvious, yet we battle with past every day, and some of us every moment !!!

I wonder why it's so easy to fall into this situation, why we love to reminisce, especially at this time of the year when you conceive you have the opportunity to change yourself, your environment, and your ecosystem. Even when actually there has never been a different today, yesterday, or for that matter yesteryear. You always have had YOUR time. You always have had Your era. Your luck. What you didn't have at times is You with you. You didn't have faith in yourself. Trust and confidence in yourself. I guess that's why everyone reminisces, and so do I ! Occasionally though :)

I shall not indulge deep in to it and continue to experience and relish the high spirits of this new year. First Sunday starts with beautiful glittering sun and excites us enough to decide our breakfast in a flash. Manish and I go to kitchen immediately and after an hour later we come out with a plate full of pakoras. Varun makes the perfect ginger tea. Rest of the housemates join in and we chat and we eat. Exuberance !!! And Pleasure.

It's the time of the year when the whole web is inundated with distinct ideas and methods to track your goals and your resolutions. If you are really interested, follow the following link:

For me, the best way to accomplish your goals/resolutions is a) Make it public and b) Regular assessment

Public failure is the most dreadful situation for anyone to be in, and we shall exploit that fear to drive ourselves. To come out of our comfort zone and to work towards our goal. How many times have we commenced something and just when we needed the final thrust, we quit. Because nobody is watching us. I think everyone has his own forte, but we all human beings share one special ability - we can convince ourselves pretty easily. We can justify almost anything, such as i couldn't study to get into a B school because i never have had time. Others may justify quitting smoking to result into lack of concentration and blah blah... We all do it and we all win, of course paradoxically !!!

Assessment plays its vital part too. More important is When? And then How? Timing of the assessment shall be chosen initially based on complexity of the goal and your comfort level. You don't want to position yourself in a situation where you get demotivated very soon and pretty often. If you trust yourself, you'll get there. May not today. May not tomorrow, but certainly SOME day. We need to find out different ways to escape if not kick out the roadblocks in your journey. We need to persist. Stay in!

I hope the following words will always help me in taking me to my destiny, my fate...

There are so many people out there who'll tell you that you can't. What you've got to do is turn around and say "Watch Me!"


Sachin G. said...

can't find more words to explain this.
you rock bro!!

Namita said...

Ultimate...moved and touched!! :)

Making one realise a lot of things..

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