Let's wait for iSlate and Nexus One...

Sandown Way, Newbury       Jan 4, 2010      8:18 PM         Monday

An interesting video down there:

As many of you might be aware that tomorrow Google will be announcing its own branded phone called Nexus One, i wonder what they'll come up with to compete with the best smartphone in the market- iPhone. Nexus One looks beautiful as you might preview it in the image given below:

But the bigger question is - Will it change the mobile world just like iPhone did 3 years back when Steve Jobs reinvented the phone and changed our lives. Will it revolutionize the way we browse internet and watch movies? Will it be the next BIG thing from Google?

Apple, on the other hand is set to launch the much rumored tablet computer "iSlate" sometime this month. I read criticisms and commendations about this new Apple idea, but being an avid admirer of Steve Jobs, i've kept my fingers crossed. Moroever, you don't see the vision of Steve Jobs going haywire too often, do you? Rather since his comeback to Apple in 1997, he hasn't looked back and so hasn't Apple !

If you want to check out "young" Jobs and Gates, check out the following video when Bill Gates used to work with Steve Jobs :)


Simmi said...

Hey buddy! where have u vanished? why there is no blogging for last two days.... You pen down your thoughts so beautifully..believe me..It's really fun to read ur articles..keep writing!! Cheers

Gaurav Gupta said...

heheh, thanks a lot for your motivation... :) check out my latest post! - I think....

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